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backstage adj : concealed from the public n : a stage area out of sight of the audience [syn: wing, offstage] adv
1 out of view of the public; behind the scenes; "Working backstage to gain political support for his proposal"; "many private deals were made backstage at the convention"
2 in or to a backstage area of a theater; "costumes were changed backstage"

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back + stage



  1. Relating to, or situated in the area behind a stage.
  2. Secret, concealed from the public.


behind a stage

Derived terms


  1. Towards the area behind the stage.
  2. Out of view of the public.



  1. The area behind a stage, especially that of the dressing rooms.


the area behind the stage

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backstage in Modern Greek (1453-): Παρασκήνιο

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DR, L, R, acting area, apron, apron stage, band shell, bandstand, before an audience, before the footlights, behind the scenes, board, bridge, coulisse, dock, down left, down right, downstage, dressing room, flies, fly floor, fly gallery, forestage, greenroom, grid, gridiron, in the limelight, lightboard, off stage, on the stage, onstage, orchestra, orchestra pit, performing area, pit, proscenium, proscenium stage, shell, stage, stage left, stage right, switchboard, the boards, up left, upright, upstage, wings
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